4 roster swaps WWE should actually make

WWE Raw GM trolled Sami Zayn (and fans) by leading Zayn to believe he would honor his request to be traded to SmackDown – all in a (very loud) attempt to prepare Zayn for a match against Braun Strowman this weekend at Roadblock.

On Monday night’s episode of Raw, Foley said he had agreed to trade Zayn for a star of equal talent – Eva Marie – only to reveal to an enraged Zayn that the trade was never going to happen and that he’d never let go of the former NXT champion. 

While keeping Zayn is a win for Raw in the brand war, many of Zayn’s fans – Daniel Bryan included – genuinely wanted to see him move. Since winning his epic feud with Kevin Owens, Zayn’s been rewarded by… tag-teaming with Neville on the pre-show of SummerSlam, falling out of the Universal title picture after Owens won it, and feuding with an unstoppable monster. Why would he want to stay?

Here are four realistic trades WWE actually should make before the next Draft:

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson for The Vaudevillains
The Club definitely lost some of their momentum when the draft split them apart from leader AJ Styles, and while they don’t necessarily need Styles to be successful, they’ve been stuck in the middle of the Raw tag team pecking order for months, and the team of Cesaro and Sheamus are the logical favorites to replace The New Day as champions (perhaps this weekend). While a move to SmackDown doesn’t guarantee success, as that tag division is loaded as well, the proximity to Styles and the relative inexperience of most of the SmackDown teams would leave Gallows and Anderson in a stronger spot. 

The Vaudevillians, meanwhile, have nothing to lose with a switch as they’ve dropped out of the tag team picture altogether – but there are some fun possibilities of a Vaudevillans-Jack Gallagher feud (or alliance) on Raw. 

Curt Hawkins for Tye Dillinger
It was obvious when Hawkins character was revealed (as the embodiment decade-old Chuck Norris jokes) that he wasn’t going to be a huge star on the SmackDown roster, but it’s almost as if his debut didn’t happen at all. While Hawkins is a veteran already in his second stint with WWE, he could benefit from the more welcoming environment at Full Sail, where maybe his Face the Facts gimmick could catch on. 

Dillinger, meanwhile, is primed to be a star on the main roster, his 10 chant took over parts of Survivor Series, and he’s been feuding with The Miz on Twitter. 

Sami Zayn for Baron Corbin
In the ongoing WWE storyline, Daniel Bryan should be looking for any opportunity to get rid of Corbin. The Lone Wolf has been insubordinate on multiple occasions, and even cost SmackDown the entire Cruiserweight division at Survivor Series. He also doesn’t seem ready to enter any of the championship conversations on SmackDown at the moment, yet could be a great potential opponent for the likes of Rusev, Big Cass, Titus O’Neil, or any of Raw’s other hulking stars. 

Sami Zayn for Kalisto
Kalisto being drafted to SmackDown was a decision that left many fans scratching their heads knowing that a Cruiserweight division would be exclusive to Raw. A switch to Raw now seems somewhat unlikely given that the red brand already has a similar talent on the roster in Lince Dorado, but he’d have a greater number of potential opponents on Raw, and two titles (the Cruiserweight and U.S.) within reach. 

source: foxsports

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