5 Things To Do To Write Your Name in The NBA

Most of the young basketball players wish to see their name written in the NBA/WNBA, but, only a few of them become successful. If you also want to become another successful basketball player, keep your eyes on Sport1on1 to get some of the most valuable tips to improve your basketball skills. As a part of these valuable tips, today, I’m going to show you 5 amazing things which will be of great value to you if you want to be a basketball superstar.

5 Things To Do To Write Your Name in The NBA:

  • Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Setup Your Long Term Training Goals
  • Improve Your Skills
  • Create Your Basketball Workout Routine
  • Stay Motivated

Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses:

There’s a wise saying – “Nobody is Perfect”, but I don’t believe this saying. Instead of this frustrating phrase, I’m the big fan of a motivational quote and that is – “Nothing is Impossible”. Now, you may not a good defender, you may now become tired too fast, your rebounding may have some failings now. But, trust me, your strengths are really strong enough to defeat all of your weaknesses if you just believe that “Nothing is Impossible”.

You’ve to find out your strengths, if you want to be an NBA player. Cravings for playing in the NBA can be your strongest strength. You know, there should be a dream first to make it come true. So, if you’ve the dream of being another LeBron, if you also want to dunk before the millions of fans, then someday your dream will come true. So, be passionate and start creating a list of your strengths and weaknesses to set up a long term goal to become an NBA superstar.

Setup Your Long Term Training Goal:

To reach new level of success, we need to set goals. As you’re now well known of your strengths and weaknesses, so now your responsibility is to set up a goal to heighten your strengths and vanish your weaknesses. May be your vertical jumping ability is now only 30 inches or less. But, a smart goal can take it to the 40”. In this way setting up a long term goal can improve all of your skills including your physical strength and stamina. Don’t forget to include basketball workouts into your long term goal. Your goal should be specific, measureable, actionable, realistic and timed as you want to write your name in the NBA.

Improve Your Skills:

After setting up your training goal, now it comes to improve your skills. There are 5 major skills in basketball. These are Dribbling, Shooting, Running, Passing and Jumping. Generally, it’s not possible to improve all of these 5 skills within a day. But, there’s a long time goal to make your dream come true.

So, start improving your skills one by one. It may even take one year to improve a single skill to the top level. But, the fact is that, within only 5 years, you’re going to get fit for the NBA. It won’t be a wise decision to focus on a single skill as you don’t know your team now. It just will be a plus for you if you’ve already skilled in 1 or 2 of these arts. But, investing more time on these skills can lead you to be more efficient.

You just have to be a one man army in playing basketball. So, that it’ll be a great favor for you to be selected in the NBA, because, everybody loves the all rounders. Also, you’ve to perform better in your school or college basketball to be noticed. Instead of improving your skills one by one, you can also practice all the 5 things everyday. If this sounds good to you, then split your time for the specific skill. You can invest 30 minutes on each skill. But, if you get weakness in any of these skills, then consider spending some extra minutes on that particular skill.

Create Your Basketball Workout Routine:

Not only practicing various drills won’t be enough, but you also have to create a workout routine. This routine will increase your stamina and energy level. Basketball players need to jump higher than the average jane. So, you need to practice some workouts to improve your jumping ability. There should be enough power in your hands to shoot the ball thousands of times. So, you’ve to practice some workouts to develop your arms. Moreover, nobody can be an excellent dribbler without having enough potency in their squats. Actually, to be an NBA superstar, you’ve to develop all of your body parts. So, there’s no alternative to create your personal basketball workout routine.

Stay Motivated:

But the most important thing is the motivation. If you lose it even on the edge of your success, you’ll lose your success forever. So, you’ve to stay motivated until your name is written in the NBA. To get motivation, you may listen to the motivational music, you may read success story of the NBA players, you may watch movies. Sometimes, a new basketball hoop provides strong motivation which lasts long. Indeed, every new sporting goods makes us happy and happiness keeps us motivated to reach the goal. So, you may consider buying new stuffs whenever you need to get motivated. Keeping your eyes close to your weekly improvement can also be of great motivation. If you see positive results of your consistency, continuity and hard labor, you surely will get motivation from these regular improvements. Another amazing source of motivation is watching NBA games.

Sacrifice is needed to be an NBA player. You’ve to sacrifice trillions of your sweats to make this dream come true. If you follow the above things, if you practice to your best and if you can believe that nothing is impossible, then someday surely your dream of playing in the NBA will be true. No more today. Have fun and stay tuned to sport1on1 to enjoy more tips to improve your basketball skills.

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