5 Twists that could happen at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line

4 Charlotte Wins The RAW Women’s Championship

Now that Sasha Banks has regained the RAW Women’s Title and has started her third run as champion, it looks like she has the whole world’s worth of opportunities ahead of her, just as soon as she finishes her business with Charlotte on Sunday.

Conventional wisdom dictates that on the final PPV event of the year, in a match that is being promoted as their final confrontation, and at a show with the subtitle “End of the Line”, that Charlotte will finally take a one-on-one loss on pay-per-view.

But will she? That seemed like a given at Hell in a Cell, but Sasha failed to get the job done in her hometown and Charlotte remained champion. The same can happen this weekend, with Charlotte, not Sasha, leaving Pittsburgh as the RAW Women’s Champion.

Maybe WWE wants Charlotte to be the top star of the division, and Sasha only won so many times in order to create moments. If that’s the case, then Charlotte will end up winning the match and the title, because Sasha Banks has already had her time to shine.


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