Basketball is one of the most universally played sports out there. Almost every country in the world has its basketball league or association, but it is no secret that in this sport the NBA is head and shoulders above anyone else. Some claim that this is because of the amazing popularity or the huge budget that NBA teams have. Some countries consider this sport to be a tradition of their continent, because the earliest basketball-like sports originated from the early Aztec culture.

Be as it may, the fact remains that in order to witness the highest quality basketball, you simply must watch an NBA game. It is hard to express in numbers just how much is the basketball in the North America is superior in comparison to the rest of the world, so it is best to leave this to the example. Here is a short list of best 7 NBA dunks of all times; if this doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

Michael Jordan
When speaking about any kind of basketball feat, it would simply be unfair not to start with Jordan. Many sports analysts will probably agree that one of the most memorable dunk of Jordan’s numerous dunks (not counting Space Jam of course) was the one in the 1991 Playoffs vs. the Knicks. The best thing about this dunk is not about the grace or power of the dunk itself, but about the way Jordan completely disregards the Knicks’ defense, landing a devastating blow to both their game and their self-esteem.

Russell Westbrook
The year 2012 was in several ways (basketball-wise) superior to its predecessors. . However, by far the best dunk of the season must go to Russell Westbrook and his monster dunk in 2012 NBA All-Star Game. The absolute dominance of this fascinating dunk was a Coup de grâce of this even otherwise amazing game. This dunk deserves a spot of honor not only in basketball, but in the history of this sport as well.

Blake Griffin
How fortunate we are to live in a time of such a dunk master. Any of Blake Griffin’s games are bound to end with an iconic, or at a very least, memorable dunk. For any dunk lover out there, there is no better treat than to get his or hers hands on one of the basketball tickets for a Clippers game. Still, choosing a single most impressive Griffin-dunk is not an easy task. For me, it was his annihilation of Kendrick Perkins in 2012.

Kobe Bryant
Being probably the most controversial figure of the NBA at the present moment, Kobe Bryant has managed to polarize the basketball audience. Some love him, some hate him, and there is no middle ground. Still, no one can deny him the title of being one of the best of all time. And for any unbelievers out there, his amazing piece-of-art reverse dunk vs. Wolves in 2003 speaks for itself.

LeBron James
The most impressive dunk of the Cleveland prodigy, LeBron James, took place in 2008 game in which he demonstrated his ability to play alone versus the entire team of Dallas Mavericks. The dunk passed the four members of the Mavericks (including the NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki), and according to some, this was the trauma that motivated the German to avenge teammates in Miami during the 2011 NBA finals.

Tracy McGrady
Most would agree that the Alley Oop is probably the most attractive move in basketball. The downside is that it requires an insane amount of almost telepathic coordination between the teammates, so it is extremely difficult to master this skill. Of course, except in the case of Tracy McGrady (who can do it all on his own). His 2002 Alley Oop to himself is one of the best moves that this game has ever seen, and almost insanely repayable TV moment.

Scottie Pippen
We started our list with a Bull, so it is only proper to end it with one as well. According to the numerous audience surveys, the most memorable dunk of the last several decades was Scottie Pippen’s humiliation of Patrick Ewing in the Game 6 of 1994 Eastern Conference semifinals. Some people go as far as to claim that this move alone deserves to be rated R for its almost inhumane brutality.

All in all, it is exactly these milestones that allowed basketball to become what it is today. The best thing about any list of basketball achievements (or records) is that it is constantly expanding, and the best way to witness one of these historical moves is not to get it from the list but to witness it in person. A memory like this lasts more than one lifetime. A memory like this stretches into eternity.

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