Arsenal FC news: Damning verdict! Arsene Wenger’s side ‘one of the softest in the club’s history’

Arsenal have suffered some painful defeats recently, and now they are on the receiving end of a painful verbal battering from Alan Shearer.

Having lost at home to Watford they were then bullied by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, and record Premier League goal scorer Shearer has delivered a whithering assessment of the Gunners.

“I wish I had faced an Arsenal team with this mentality when we met in the 1998 FA Cup final,” he wrote in The Sun.

“I would be sat here with a medal to show for my time at Newcastle rather than just memories.”

Shearer, whose Newcastle side lost the ’98 Cup final 2-0, believes that double-winning Gunners side were one of the toughest teams he ever faced.

“Every time I played them I knew I was in for a bruising battle.” he revealed, “as well as being up against one of the best teams technically that the Premier League has ever seen.”

The fact that Arsene Wenger has overseen both a period of glorious success and a long spell of relative underachievement is a point not lost on Shearer.

“Arsene Wenger remains, yet the Arsenal DNA he had between 1997 and 2005 has been totally lost over the last decade,” explained Shearer, adding that they are “one of the softest sides in the club’s history.”

source: talksport

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