Arsenal Injury Update – Welbeck, Wilshere, Mertesacker, Gabriel & Others

If England international striker Danny Welbeck wasn’t injured, Arsenal’s need for a striker would probably have not been so profound as it is right now.

Although with Welbeck, Arsenal still needed another striker but the 25-year-old Ghana born striker’s injury has made the situation worst.

Without Welbeck, we only have Giroud as Walcott has shown he can’t be relied on as a striker, hence Wenger must ensure a striker is brought in before the transfer window closes.

Welbeck was initially expected to be out till February but Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has given an update and confirmed the striker will be back in January rather than initially reported February return date.

This is certainly good news for Arsenal as we could do with the former Manchester United striker.

Unfortunately this good news could turn out to be bad news. This is because knowing Wenger, it won’t be surprising if he chooses not to sign a striker because Welbeck is coming back earlier than initially expected.

Welbeck’s return to the team last season ( from yet another injury ) rejuventated the team but let’s be honest, Welbeck is not a world class striker, he should at best be a second choice for a team that is fighting to win the title.

This is not to say Welbeck is a bad player but Arsenal could do better. And considering Arsenal’s history with injuries, it will not be a surprise if the striker suffers a set back in his bid to make an early return to the team.

Aside Welbeck, Wenger also gave updates on other injured players. Quotes from Wenger below;

on Gabriel…

Gabriel has an ankle problem, and will be out for six to eight weeks. It is a bit better than we feared at the start.

on Jack Wilshere…

Jack is doing well, but he will be short for Sunday. He is back in training but will not be completely ready for Sunday.

on Carl Jenkinson…

Carl is doing well, and he should be back in November. He is on schedule for his return.

on Per Mertesacker and Danny Welbeck…

We had very good news on Danny’s latest scan and Per is at the moment off his feet for three weeks, so of course if is a bit boring for him. He is with his family in Hannover, but on the football front he is very frustrated. We think it will be four to five months for both players.

source: arsenalbanter

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