Were Arsenal stars WRONG to be so happy after Chelsea win?

This is not the first time that Arsenal on the whole or individual Arsenal players in particular have come in for criticism for what is deemed by some to be over celebrating a win that does not actually give us a trophy. It happened again this week.

Feelings were clearly running high after the Gunners ended a very long wait for a Premier League win over Chelsea, but adding to that was the fact it was one of the best performances from the team in years and it was not just a few players or one part of the team that did well but a great5 showing from front to back.

So Mesut Ozil posted a selfie of himself and the three big summer signings of Granit Xhaka, Lucas Perez and Shkodran Mustafi looking delighted in the Arsenal dressing room after the match. According to the TV pundits, though, he should not have done it and that selfie could well come back to hurt Arsenal as our opponents use it to drive them on when they play us.

Theo Walcott was also criticised for his positive and confident post match comments by the former Gunner Ian Wright, as reported by Evening Standard. Our old striker thinks it is too soon for Theo to be talking like that when the season has barely got going.

He said, “You listen to Theo [Walcott] talking about the experience and how this squad is and what they’re doing, I think this spurs people on.

“You don’t need to do that now.”

Rio Ferdinand said, “When I’ve won something I’ll do that. Unless you’re winning and you’re a team that’s been winning, I think that gives everyone else the amunition. I’d put that up as a picture in the dressing room next time I play Arsenal.

“The Chelsea players when they go back to Stamford Bridge will be saying ‘remember that time they took selfies, by the way’.”

I can see what they mean but is this not a bit too critical? It was a massive game that went just about perfectly and some celebrating is surely allowed. It is not as if we do not see selfies taken all the time from lots of footballers and everyone else in the world is it?

Do you think the Arsenal players got it wrong?

source: justarsenal

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