Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton finished according to WWE’s plans

Brock lesnar
The main event of SummerSlam between Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar has been subject to plenty of speculation regarding the strange way the match finished.

Lesnar won by TKO, a relatively rare finish in the WWE, after he elbowed Orton so hard in the head that The Viper was busted open.

According to the match finished as had been planned, just with much more blood than those involved expected.

Some had suggested that Orton bladed during the finish because of how much claret he was spilling onto the canvas.

This, however, was reportedly not the case as Brock opened up Orton the hard way with his barrage of vicious elbow strikes to the prone wrestler.

While the two agreed to a small cut to add color to the match, Lesnar opened up Orton much more than intended and The Legend Killer needed 10 staples in his head after the match to close the wound.

It was a dominant showing from Lesnar who continued his beat down on Orton well after the bell sounded prompting SmackDown Live general manager Shane McMahon to run to the ring to stop The Beast Incarnate.

Lesnar proceeded hit his F-5 on McMahon, leading to an easy suspension angle if Lesnar is going to disappear from TV for the near future.

Coming into the match many expected it to be more of an even contest with Orton’s RKO being the great equalizer for the power of Lesnar.

Orton was able to hit the RKO on an announce table, but that merely served to make Brock more intense as the match progressed towards its blood stained finish.

source: givemesport

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