Bulls Told Rajon Rondo They’re Trying To ‘Save Him From Himself’

Rajon Rondo spoke to the media for several minutes on Tuesday, addressing his current situation with the Chicago Bulls.

Rondo has been benched by Fred Hoiberg and his future with the Bulls remains unclear.

“I got a slight explanation from another guy on the staff,” said Rondo. “A guy told me that he was saving me from myself.”

Rondo was asked by the media what he thought of that position.

“I thought it was bullsh*t,” said Rondo.

“Save me from myself. I never heard that before in my life. But I guess he was trying to do the best thing for me.”

During the interview, Rondo also described the situation as the most confusing of his career.

“You’re only as good as your coach thinks you are. That’s a big part of each individual’s success in the NBA.”

source: realgm

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