Carmelo Anthony Attempting To Remain Optimistic Despite Trade Rumors, Knicks’ Struggles

Carmelo Anthony said the New York Knicks’ struggles and the trade rumors surrounding him have been trying, but he’s attempting to remain optimistic.

“I’m still keeping it [mellow], still keeping it cool, man. It definitely kind of tests you, can put you to the test,” Anthony said. “You have to dig deep within yourself to get through it on a day-to-day basis, figure out a way how to still go out there and play at a high level every night, play hard, lead this team.

“That’s kind of where you have to dig deep at, despite of everything that’s going on, that’s surrounding — I don’t even want to say us — me. It’s testing me. It’s testing my will. It’s testing me as a human being. It also is making me stronger throughout this process.”

The Cavs rebuffed the Knicks’ attempt late last month to trade Anthony for Kevin Love.

New York has lost 17 of their past 23 games.

Anthony has a no-trade clause and would need to waive it before any deal can be consummated.

source: realgm

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