Carmelo Anthony Glad He Protected Himself With No-Trade Clause

Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson met to clear the air on Tuesday, but his future with the New York Knicks remains uncertain.

“The conversation wasn’t that long,” Anthony said at the Knicks morning shootaround in Boston. “We didn’t break bread. We didn’t have an hour’s conversation. It was a short conversation.”

“You get tired of it,” Anthony later added when asked if he has grown weary of answering questions pertaining to Jackson and himself. “You get tired of it. I have to face you all every day. I’m the one that got to have all the answers. I’m the one that got to kind of make up something. Even when I don’t want to talk to you all I still talk to you all. It happens. That’s part of the job.”

Anthony, however, said there’s a reason why he has a no-trade clause.

He reiterated that he plans to remain in New York.

“I think, as players, you always want to protect yourself,” Anthony said when asked if he foresaw this situation with Jackson when he had a no-trade clause put in his contract. “I didn’t think it would get to this point. I think, as a player, if you can get that (no-trade clause), you have a right to protect yourself and take care of yourself when it comes to that. It’s very hard to get, very difficult to get. I have it and that’s that.

“I’m committed (to staying). I don’t have to prove that to anybody. I don’t think I have to keep saying that. I don’t think I have to keep talking about that. I know for a fact that people see that.”

Anthony said he is “numb” to the amount of drama that has followed him this season.

“Yeah, I’m numb. It’s water off my back at this point,” said Anthony, who repeatedly said he doesn’t want to be a distraction to his teammates. “… That (Karl) situation, we all know what that was about. He was trying to sell something. In this situation you almost have to pay a little bit closer attention to it because you have to deal with it on a day-to-day basis.

“Other than (that), I’m fine, man. I’m good mentally. I’m good. Trust me.”

source: realgm

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