Cris Carter: Jerry Jones would be doing Tony Romo a huge favor by releasing him

ESPN’s Ed Werder reported Thursday that 37-year-old veteran Tony Romo expects to be released by the Dallas Cowboys – which would allow him to pick his next team – instead of being traded – which would allow the Cowboys to cash in on his value. 

On Thursday’s episode of Undisputed, Cris Carter and Nick Wright reacted to the possible scenario of Romo being granted his release, and Carter called it “family treatment” from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. 

Cris Carter: Jones would be doing Romo a ‘tremendous favor’
“It’s the best thing for Tony Romo. I believe that Jerry Jones is doing him a tremendous favor. They have a great relationship, and you thought that potentially that might get in the way of Dak’s overall development because Jerry Jones might put him in the game toward the end of the season. Or, if he happened to stay on the roster, how does Dak deal with the pressure?

They could have kept him around and tried to get a mid-level [pick]. If you know you can’t get a first for him, and you can get a three to a five for him, Jerry’s doing him a favor and saying ‘I’m going to give you the best situation. I’m going to give you your unconditional release before free agency, and before the draft. So you can go out there and you can interview with teams, teams can give you a physical. It’s the best situation for Tony Romo.

It’s like he’s treating him… he’s giving [Romo] the family treatment.”

Nick Wright: The Cowboys giving away an asset like Romo would be shocking
“I am shocked by this. I’ll give you credit, you told me that you thought this was on the board, I didn’t.

[Romo] is an asset. In a league where not only is that position the most important, you have a few teams in particular that clearly believe ‘with an upgrade at quarterback, we can win the Super Bowl.’

You have Denver, you have Houston, maybe even the Jets have tricked themselves into believing that. I’ve brought up my hometown team, Kansas City. Maybe they still like Alex Smith. You’ve got teams that I believe would give up something for Tony Romo. I’ve been saying the Texans should give up their first-round pick.

Now, maybe that’s too much, but you could, I would think, be able to get a third-round pick for him at the very least.”

Nick Wright: Tony Romo could make a few teams the Super Bowl co-favorites
“So it’s shocking to me, if this ends up happening, that Romo’s just going to be able to pick his city.

I will say this, in Tony Romo’s defense… this idea that he is just a china doll. Prior to the 2015 season, the four years leading up to that, of 64 possible games he had played in 62 of them. He had missed two games in the four seasons leading up to that. In 2010 he broke his collarbone, but the four seasons before that he had only missed three games.

But I think Denver, or Houston, if they sign him become the co-favorites along with New England in the AFC. I think the teams are that good, and I think Romo is that good.”

Cris Carter: Dallas wouldn’t get the same type of value for Romo as the Eagles received by trading Sam Bradford
“I know Tony Romo can play. We saw last year, in a pinch, Philadelphia traded Sam Bradford. Now they did have their franchise quarterback, they had spent a lot of money, in Carson Wentz there on the roster. They were going to develop him slowly. Teddy Bridgewater has a horrific injury, all of a sudden [Philadelphia] gets a one and a four.

Now, you can’t be that demanding with the whole offseason and the draft ahead of you, but also, the owner can do the player a favor. The sooner the player is released, gets his unconditional release – because they could hold him and designate him to be released after June.

Now the teams that want quarterbacks, they might be able to draft one in a late round to develop him. Or Kirk Cousins, his situation in Washington. If they don’t give him the big money, that’s a landing spot for Tony Romo. This is the best thing that could happen for Tony.”

source: foxsports

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