Draymond: LeBron denying Cavs-Warriors rivalry is ‘bullcrap’

Draymond Green is doubling down on his belief that the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are rivals.

Earlier this month, LeBron James refused to acknowledge a rivalry between the league’s top two teams. Several people, including Green, Kevin Durant, and even James’ coach Tyronn Lue stated it is in fact a rivalry. After all, the clubs have met in the past two NBA Finals and are widely expected to duke it out again for the Larry O’Brien Trophy in June.

Following the Dubs’ 126-91 blowout win over the Cavs at Oracle on Jan. 16, Green said he considers it a rivalry, and doesn’t care if anyone else sees it differently.

Asked about it again Saturday, the All-Star forward sang the same tune.

“It depends what anyone, someone wants to believe as a human being,” he said on SportsCenter. “You know, if somebody can shoot you a bunch of bullcrap and you believe it, then, you know, you’re screwed. I don’t believe that.”

So is James’ denial of a Cavaliers-Warriors rivalry a load of “bullcrap”?

“That’s what I think,” Green replied. “That’s definitely what I think, personally. But hey, maybe his feelings are a little different. Maybe his view is a little different. I just personally don’t believe that.”

The powerhouses, which lead their respective divisions, tied their regular-season series 1-1, and could very well continue their rivalry in the Finals for the third consecutive season.

source: thescore

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