Eli Manning on Odell Beckham Jr.: ‘You do things, you’ve got to back it up’

Just about everyone has shared their thoughts on Odell Beckham Jr.’s debacle of an outing on Sunday. He dropped three passes, had just four receptions and his team was blown out by the Packers, 38-13. One person who hadn’t spoken out on the situation – aside from a few snarky jokes about the receivers’ trip to Miami – was Eli Manning.

On Monday, he weighed in on Yachtgate and the potential impact it may have had on Sunday’s loss. He was asked about the perception of Beckham after his boat stunt, and while he doesn’t necessarily think it was a poor decision, he did say this:

“You do things, you’ve got to back it up. Maybe (he) put too much pressure on himself,” Manning said of Beckham possibly pressing Sunday, via the NY Daily News.

Manning, unlike many people, doesn’t think the Miami trip had an impact on the Giants’ loss. He said the team “handled it the proper way” and still got the most out of its guys.

Criticism will stay with Beckham for some time, considering the way he and the Giants exited the playoffs. From his reported head-banging to allegedly punching a hole in the wall, he clearly didn’t handle the situation very well.

“You’ve got to learn that the perception of things makes it different,” Manning said. “You do things, you’ve got to back it up. And I don’t think it had an impact on the game. I thought we had a great week of practice. Guys were making plays and running around and intense and focused and everything (was) good. Unfortunately we just didn’t have it yesterday.”

The Giants will now have months to think about how the season ended. It’ll incite plenty of reflection on what was a mostly great season to the tune of 11 wins and a playoff berth. Still, as Manning eluded to, there’s plenty of room for the team to grow.

“Odell is passionate. He wants to win. This is important for him. He wanted to go out and have the best game of his career,” Manning said.

source: foxsports

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