Enzo Zidane made a fool out of Cristiano Ronaldo in training


Zinedine Zidane called his eldest son Enzo into the Real Madrid first team this season, and it’s clear this kid wants to show he’s not just in the squad by virtue of his last name.

There’s no denying Enzo is Zidane’s son though, and you can see echoes of his pops’ super clean touch and savage trickery, too. Ronaldo found that out the hard way in training.

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First he freezes Ronaldo and Mateo Kovacic with a sly little no-look, splitting them with a perfect little clipped pass. The ball comes back around, and he sets his body shape to do the same thing, then — sauce.

The move is beautiful in its simplicity. It’s brilliant in the setup. And it’s so very Zidane-esque.

It’s a simple cut-back behind the leg, but it ruins both Ronaldo and Kovacic. They immediately become so disgusted with themselves, they make a mental note to call¬†their mothers after practice to apologize for being bad sons. You know it’s bad when everyone at training, even the groundskeepers and water boys stop and yell ‘OOOOHHH’.

By all accounts, Enzo is a technically gifted player, and it looks like he has a legitimate shot at being a solid professional. He’s still only 21 years old, and he’s got plenty of time to develop. He’s already made Ronaldo look stupid in training once, so he’s gotta be on his way to a sparkling career, right?

source: foxsports

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