Ex-Giant Tuck: Opposing defenses will use Beckham’s emotions against him

In his short career so far, Odell Beckham has been praised for his ability to translate his emotions onto the field, but those emotions can just as easily be used against him.

The New York Giants receiver put up an impressive stat line against the Washington Redskins on Sunday, but his emotions got the best of him late in the game. Former Giants defensive end Justin Tuck says that opposing defenses will take note of those sideline explosions and take advantage of it.

“I don’t think in my short memory I’ve seen anyone as emotional as Beckham is,” Tuck said on 98.7 FM ESPN New York, according to ESPN’s Jordan Raanan. “If I’m a defensive coordinator or a defensive team coming in and playing Beckham, you can also play that to your (advantage) … I mean, that is probably why you’re going to see a lot of people say things in the media.

“A lot of people might go at Beckham in different ways because they know he is emotional, and they know that in the past, that has taken him out of his game. So that can be something that defensive scouting reports will say: ‘Hey, we can utilize this to take him out of his game.'”

In his third season, Beckham has gotten off to a slow start by his standards, recording just one 100-yard game and no touchdowns while the Giants have started 2-1.

source: thescore

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