Feyenoord Upset Manchester United

Feyenoord Upset Manchester United

It was a massive win for Dutch side Feyenoord on Thursday night as they defeated Manchester United at home. The match was a close one with the away side producing a majority of the quality chances.

The first real chance of the match came in the 24th minute when Anthony Martial produced a fast paced effort that crept past the right post. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s headed effort in the 75th minute also went wide as Manchester United failed to find the breakthrough.

In the 79th minute, the home side would break the deadlock with a fine run of play to set up Tonny Trindade’s goal. There was some controversy surrounding the goal as many felt it should have been called back for offsides.

Manchester United would get their final chance of the match in stoppage time when Ibrahimovic stepped up to take a free kick. Unfortunately, his effort fell right into the hands of goalkeeper Brad Jones.


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