Golden State Warriors Expecting To More Frequently Rest Players

The Golden State Warriors will more actively rest players this season after winning 73 regular season games in 15-16.

“The last two years I think have taught all of us within the organization that, everybody says it’s a marathon, but it really is,” Bob Myers said on Thursday. “We realized last year that mile 24 — I haven’t run a marathon, maybe some of you have — but they say that once you hit mile 20 or 21, the last five miles are the worst. And I think we learned last year that you gotta have something at mile 24, gotta have something at mile 25. I think we all have to take, us and the organization, have to take the approach that it’s a long road. We gotta have some juice.”

Developing comfort and on-court chemistry will be important early in the season.

“Last year, I know I said there was no way we’d win 73 games and we did,” Myers chuckled. “But I don’t see us being 24-0. I don’t see it. And it’s completely fine. I hope we see growth. I hope we see development. But getting to know each other is going to be the challenge.”

source: realgm

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