Here’s how to beat the Golden State Warriors when they’re playing their best

The Golden State Warriors looked pretty ordinary in Monday night’s loss to the Miami Heat — a defeat that revealed two glaring holes in the NBA’s foremost “superteam.”

On the other hand, the Warriors’ disappointing showing in Miami was just their seventh loss in 45 games, so it’s safe to say things are still going pretty well in Golden State. In fact, since losing by one to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Christmas, the Warriors have lost just twice by a combined total of 12 points.

With the Cavs struggling and LeBron James openly questioning his team’s desire to win a championship, the Warriors are unquestionably back in control of the NBA. That, in turn, raises a question: When the Warriors are playing at their very best, how do you beat them?

The answer isn’t simple, but it can be done. Here are the nine keys to topping Golden State — in one game or, perhaps, over an entire NBA Finals series.

Beat up Stephen Curry

The NBA’s worst-kept secret is how Curry responds to physicality. The slight Warriors point guard simply can’t handle guys getting up in his jersey and walking the tightrope between hardnosed play and committing fouls. The more effort Curry has to expend fighting through bodies and trying to get open, the less energy he has to burn you on offense.

Force Kevin Durant to regress to his OKC self

Durant is one of the best post players in the game — a skill he was all too happy to show off with the Thunder. After a rough start over the first couple weeks, KD stopped bringing the Warriors’ offense to a grinding halt by holding the ball and trying to go one-on-one with his defender, but that old tendency still lives in the back of Durant’s mind.

If you can try to funnel Durant into the high post on offense, rather than letting him set up shop behind the 3-point line, you stand a chance of slowing Golden State’s offense (or, rather, letting KD slow the Warriors on your behalf).

Attack in transition — every single time

No matter which player grabs a defensive rebound, all five guys need to look to push the ball in transition off every missed shot. That’s doubly true if you come up with a block or a steal — and if you can catch one of the Warriors complaining about a perceived missed foul call, even better.

In all seriousness, though, any missed opportunity in transition is death against Golden State. You simply can’t give up free points.

Frustrate Draymond Green

At his best, Green is the heart and soul of the Warriors. At his worst, he is a virus that infects everyone within the organization. If you can get in his head, Green will battle officials, yell at his teammates for their mistakes and just generally become a wrecking ball with no regard for the consequences.

source: foxsports

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