Joel Embiid says the Sixers ‘have a chance’ to make the playoffs

The Philadelphia 76ers came away with a 105-95 road victory over the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday, the only team in the entire league that has fewer wins than Philly does this season.

But that fact did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of Sixers center Joel Embiid, who was talking playoffs after scoring 20 points in 24 minutes to help his team improve to 10-25 in the standings.

“I think we have a chance. We’ve been hot lately,” he said, via ESPN. “We’ve won three out of four lately, so I look at it, and I think we have a chance, and we’re really figuring things out. We’re starting to learn how to win games.”

This is what you want your players believing, of course, but the reality is that Philadelphia doesn’t have a chance at a playoff spot, even when considering the mess that exists at the bottom of the standings in the East.

Philadelphia is currently 7.5 games out and would need to leapfrog six other teams to get to the eighth spot that’s currently occupied by the 18-18 Wizards.

But the mere mention of the word playoffs by someone playing for the Sixers may show that the culture of losing created by the team’s former GM has finally begun to disappear.

source: foxsports

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