Kane replaces Randy Orton at WWE Backlash

Rumors swirled Sunday before the start of WWE Backlash that Randy Orton had not been medically cleared to compete against Bray Wyatt, and Orton was eventually replaced after being attacked at the beginning of the show.

Orton was last seen in action being viciously busted open by Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam, but Wyatt challenged him to a match at Backlash with just a few weeks of buildup. After the first match of the night, however, cameras showed Wyatt slamming Orton’s leg in a door, which would explain in the WWE storyline why Orton couldn’t compete. 

Wyatt went through his entrance for a match against Orton, but the ring announcer stated that Orton was not cleared and the match wouldn’t be happening. 

Referee Charles Robinson then counted to ten to give Wyatt the official victory over Orton, but the ring announcer then revealed that Wyatt would have a no holds barred match against a mystery opponent, which turned out to be Kane. 

Orton already has an untelevised rematch with Lesnar scheduled for later this month. Orton eventually appeared during the match and hobbled to the ring, and he hit an RKO on Wyatt to allow Kane to win.

source: foxsports

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