Kevin Durant says Golden State Warriors telling him to be more aggressive

Kevin Durant spent his birthday Thursday taking a lot of shots at Golden State Warriors camp, and it was followed by some advice from his new teammates.

“I shot a lot today, and Draymond (Green) told me I wasn’t aggressive enough,” Durant said, according to ESPN’s Ethan Sherwood Strauss. “So that’s great for me.”

What’s great for him probably will not be great for the rest of the NBA. Durant is a career 48.3 percent shooter currently averaging 19 field-goal attempts per game. While some may wonder how the Warriors will integrate another dynamic scorer into an already-revolutionary lineup, the truth is they are adding another option that nobody else has.

“My thing is, impose my will by scoring when we need it,” Durant said. “I could do the other things, but I’m highlighted by my scoring and how efficient I can put the ball in the basket and try to search out good shots for our group.”

Many expect Durant to really let his presence be felt defensively, where he’ll add another very long dimension to the Warriors’ constantly switching system. On a team this loaded, however, you have to remember that he comes in as a four-time scoring champ.

“I may shoot 25 shots one game, I may shoot 7,” he said.

“Everybody’s trying to make me feel comfortable. Coming from me, I’m just trying to help everybody else out. But when you have teammates that are unselfish and want you to do well, it shows, man. It shows out on the floor as well.”

source: thescore

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