LAPD confirms ongoing criminal investigation into Derrick Rose

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed an open criminal investigation into allegations of sexual assault on the part of Derrick Rose.

In a letter addressed to the defendant’s lawyer (and obtained by The White Bronco), the LAPD said that the case is pending after the victim filed a crime report.

She will remain anonymous throughout the proceedings of the criminal investigation, however a judge ruled last week in the civil trial that Jane Doe would need to reveal her identity in order for the case to proceed. She is suing Rose for $21.5 million as a result of an alleged group sexual assault that occurred in 2013.

The victim alleges that Rose and two friends entered her apartment illegally and forced themselves upon her while she was in a semiconscious state after a night of drinking. Rose, who dated Jane Doe over the course of two years, maintains that the sex was consensual.

Rose is scheduled to stand trial on Oct. 4.

source: thescore

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