LeBron James, Mark Wahlberg ‘are talking about doing a movie’

LeBron James will be doing more than just preparing for the upcoming NBA season during Cleveland Cavaliers’ minicamp in Santa Barbara, Calif. this week.

According to actor and producer Mark Wahlberg, he and LeBron may work together on a movie project, helping to explain why the two were pictured in Wahlberg’s home earlier this month.

“He and I are talking about doing a movie together,” Wahlberg said Tuesday to Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.”

“It’s actually a great idea,” Wahlberg said. “These guys get to go to one of these fantasy camps and me and LeBron have a ‘situation.'”

This isn’t the only project LeBron is rumored to be in, as reports earlier in the year indicated the Cavaliers forward would be starring in a “Space Jam” sequel.

source: thescore

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