LeBron James ‘surprised to hear’ Heat are moving on without Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh is the last remaining member of the Heatles – the dominant trio that led the Miami Heat to two titles and four Finals appearances in a romping four-year stretch from 2010-2014 – and recent developments suggest he may not be there much longer.

Bosh’s latest physical with the Heat reportedly revealed blood clotting, the third instance of the frightening condition affecting him over the past 19 months. While Bosh has remained optimistic that he’ll be able to return to NBA action at some point in time, team president Pat Riley made clear on Monday that the Heat are proceeding under the assumption that Bosh’s playing days with the franchise are over.

LeBron James, who was the first of the Heat’s Big Three to depart South Beach in the summer of 2014, was caught off guard by the organization’s public pronouncement.

“I was pretty surprised to hear that the team was just done with him, for them to come out and say that,” James told reporters Tuesday. “But it’s not like I’ve been there. I’ve only seen it from the exterior. I wish the best for him, he has my support.”

James had his own uneasy split with Riley when he decided to return to Cleveland two years ago, and Dwyane Wade’s departure this summer was acrimonious in its own right. But James understands that this isn’t just some petty, player-front office squabble. This is Bosh’s health at stake, and also his livelihood, and possibly his life. There are no easy decisions, for anyone involved. All James can do is lend his support to his friend and former teammate.

“I stand behind my brother Chris,” James said. “The most important thing is his health. Whatever decision he wants to do, I’m all for it. I support him in every way, shape and facet.

“It’s a difficult situation for him.”

source: thescore

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