LeBron should have been T’d up for hanging on the rim after monster dunk vs. Warriors

LeBron James threw down an incredible late-game dunk in the Cavaliers’ Christmas Day win over the Warriors, but a day later, the NBA says that James should have received a technical foul for deliberately hanging on the rim after he slammed the ball home.

The NBA’s official video conveniently cuts off before LeBron’s rim-hanging antics, but the celebration was certainly excessive.

It’s unclear whether a Warriors’ free throw would have affected the game’s final outcome with so many possessions left. But the league’s Last Two Minute Report also mentions that there was an incorrect no-call on the game’s final possession, where Richard Jefferson “made foot contact” with Kevin Durant.

That one, if called properly, would have sent KD to the free-throw line with a chance to put the Warriors up one with 3.1 seconds left.

source: foxsports

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