Mick Foley recounts special moment he shared with dying WWE fan

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley shared a touching story on his Facebook page Friday about how he, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair came together to create a special moment for a fan in the final weeks of his life.

As Foley explained on Facebook, Dillon was born with Williams syndrome, a developmental disorder that affects several different parts of the body, and was battling cancer when Foley visited him in the hospital.

Dillon certainly was happy to see me. Williams Disease is often referred to as “The Friendly Disorder”, due to the genial nature of so many affected by it. He smiled during the entirety of my visit, and with his mother Patricia and sister Deirdre in the room, we had quite a nice conversation. I asked him about SmackDown, and when I learned that a few of his favorite Superstars were good friends of mine, I did my best to continue the conversation while simultaneously texting one of those superstars he had mentioned.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a minute to talk to a big fan who is in the hospital, would you”, I asked

“I would”, came the reply, literally seconds later.

“Thank you – The family will be overjoyed.”

“Oh, deadly!!!”

30 seconds later, Becky Lynch was on speakerphone, her distinctive Irish brogue filling the hospital room with a palpable sense of joy. It would have been really easy for Becky to simply say goodbye. But instead she mentioned that she was in the women’s dressing room, and asked Dillon if there was anyone else he might like to speak to.

“Well, actually, Becky”, I said. “Although Dillon loves you, his absolute favorite is Charlotte Flair.”

Seconds later, Dillon was talking to his favorite WWE Superstar, and I noted that his sister was recording the conversation – providing a visual account for what was surely a moment he would like to relive over and over again.

Sadly, Dillon died just a couple of weeks after Foley’s visit.

source: thescore

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