Orioles gift Ortiz with destroyed dugout phone

Prior to the beginning of David Ortiz’ final regular-season game at Camden Yards against the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday, the retiring Boston Red Sox slugger got a gift from the host club that he may want to forget.

Adam Jones presented Big Papi with the dugout phone he destroyed during a July 27, 2013 contest between the two clubs.

One of @davidortiz’s closest friends presented him with the very same phone he destroyed 3 years ago! ☎#ThanksPapi pic.twitter.com/WzWZmgclw1

— Boston Red Sox (@RedSox) September 22, 2016
Our gift to David Ortiz, the exact authenticated visiting dugout phone he smashed on July 27, 2013. #Birdland pic.twitter.com/QygTYmW13m

— Baltimore Orioles (@Orioles) September 22, 2016
Ortiz didn’t look overjoyed to relive the memory as it played on the big screen, but he did accept the gift with a smile as the Orioles announced a $10,000 charitable donation in his name and played a montage of some of his best performances against the New York Yankees.

For those unfamiliar with Ortiz’ 2013 run-in with the phone, take a look.

Who could forget David Ortiz’s most destructive hit at Oriole Park? Our visiting dugout phone! pic.twitter.com/mGSTHEOuYE

— Baltimore Orioles (@Orioles) September 22, 2016

source: thescore

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