Pacers Have Zero Interest In Even Listening To Paul George Trade Offers

Paul George has a player option in 2018 where he can become a free agent but the Indiana Pacers remain committed to trying to build a winning team around him.

“I know teams have been calling Indiana and asking about Paul George and the answer is absolutely, positively no,” said Wojnarowski about a possible trade. “‘He’s not available, there’s no conversation to be had, don’t even make offers to us. We’re not moving Paul George.'”

“Their mindset in Indiana is to continue to try to build around Paul George and Myles Turner and try to find a combination around them that will get Paul to want to re-sign and stay there.

“That being said, I think the Pacers are very much open for business with almost everybody else. I think they’re in a place where they’re willing to go out and try to find some guys to put around him.”

The Pacers currently have a 13-12 record, which puts them in seventh place in the Eastern Conference.

source: realgm

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