Panthers LB Thomas Davis says Odell Beckham Jr. can be ‘a cancer’

Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is widely seen as the best player on the New York Giants’ roster. He makes big plays, fires up his teammates and carries the offense with his remarkable talent. No one is doubting his ability to take over a game, but his character has been brought into question several times.

The latest to call him out is veteran Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis, who appeared on NFL Network’s “GameDay Morning” on Sunday. During his chat, Davis weighed in on Beckham and his antics both on the field and off it.

“We all can agree that Odell is a great player,” Davis said. “When you think about Odell and what he’s able to do on the football field, it’s truly special. But it’s very important for him this weekend to make sure that he controls his emotions. Whenever he goes out and he plays and he controls he’s emotions he’s huge for that team.”

Davis doesn’t doubt Beckham’s talent, just as no one else does. However, he does have a problem with the way the third-year pro handles himself and how his emotions typically get the best of him on the field. Davis went as far as to say he can be a cancer for the Giants.

“But when he goes out and he allows his emotions to get the best of him, he’s a cancer for that football team and you can see it,” Davis said. “It’s evident. When we played him, you could see him and Josh [Norman] going back and forth, you can see that the whole team was getting caught up in that and they weren’t focused in the first half. That’s why we were able to jump out to a big lead. They kind of settled down later in the second half of the football game and they were able to come back. It was just really evident that they were not a focused bunch when he was doing all of that.” 

Davis had a front-row seat for Beckham’s bash with Norman last season, when Norman was a member of the Panthers. He and Odell went back and forth all game long, with Beckham eventually launching himself at Norman’s head.

Beckham also has had sideline meltdowns this season, from breaking down into tears to hitting the kicking net. He’ll always be a polarizing player in the NFL, but as long as he keeps earning his money with big plays, he’ll likely go down as one of the all-time greats.

source: foxsports

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