Paris Saint-Germain has quickly become a dynasty in the French Ligue 1 with four straight championships. It can even be argued that Paris Saint-Germain has been the most dominant football team in the world in their home league over the last few years. They have only lost a combined 13 games over the last four seasons in Ligue 1. The team’s dominance was never more prevalent than last year when they were able to win the league by 31 points over second place Lyon.

Despite the recent success in France, Paris Saint-Germain’s ownership is still not happy with their overall performance. Most of this unhappiness can be attributed to a lack of success in the UEFA Champions League. While they are able to dominate the other club football teams in France, Paris Saint-Germain has struggled when facing the top clubs from the rest of Europe. The team has failed to get out of the quarterfinal round of the UEFA Champions League during their impressive run of four straight Ligue 1 titles. This lack of international success lead the ownership to fire manager Laruent Blanc before the start of the upcoming 2016-17 season.

Paris Saint-Germain recently hired Unai Emery to replace Laruent Blanc as the team’s manager. Emery has spent the last three seasons has the manager of the Spanish club team Sevilla. While Emery had moderate success in La Liga with Sevilla, he consistently got the team to perform in international tournaments. Sevilla won the UEFA Europa League all three years under Unai Emery. While there is certainly less competition in the Europa League than the Champions League, that is the type of tournament success that Paris Saint-Germain has lacked in recent years.

Paris Saint-Germain striker Lucas Moura has already expressed his belief in Unai Emery. In a recent interview with popular French sports publication L’Equipe, Moura stated that the club is already tougher under Unai Emery than they ever were under Laruent Blanc’s leadership. It will not be much longer before football fans are able to see if Lucas Moura’s assessment of his new coach is accurate.

Paris Saint-Germain appears to be heading into the upcoming 2016-17 Ligue 1 season as dominant as ever. They have already played two of their four friendly matches scheduled in July 2016 before their Ligue 1 season starts in mid-August with a game against Bastia. The team battled tough weather conditions in Austria on their way to a 2-1 victory over England’s West Bromwich Albion. They were also able to easily dismantle Inter Milan in a 3-1 victory. The club will get a real test in late July when they play their final two friendlies against Real Madrid and Leicester City. Even if the club performs poorly in these two upcoming games, there is little evidence to suggest that they will not be able win their fifth French Ligue 1 title in the upcoming season.

Paris Saint-Germain has world-class players at every position on the football field. The biggest weakness of the club may be the competition they face on a regular basis. The French Ligue 1 simply does not have the level of talent as the top football leagues in England, Germany, and Spain. Since Paris Saint-Germain is able to easily win most of their league games, they do not know how to prepare for a tough game against stiff competition. Fans of the club are hoping the new manager can teach the players exactly how to win and prepare for a tough European tournament.
Winning Ligue 1 will not be enough for Paris Saint-Germain this year because it is virtually expected by ownership, players and fans. They have to show improvement against the rest of top clubs in Europe during the Champions League for the upcoming 2016-17 season to be a success. If you want to catch one of this season’s matches, you can get your PSG tickets here.

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