Rajon Rondo ‘Absolutely’ Wants To Become Coach In Future

Rajon Rondo is often described as one of the most intelligent players in the NBA and he is interested in becoming a coach when he retires.

“I absolutely want to coach,” Rondo said.

Rondo would like to play “six or seven more years” but he’s already preparing for his career as a coach.

“I’ve been preparing to coach since I left Boston, really,” Rondo said. “I study all of my coaches. I watch the way they move, the timeouts they call, plays they draw up out of timeouts, how they run practices, speeches they give. I’m trying to follow it all. I see how players gravitate toward different coaches.

“I actually went back (to Louisville) a couple (of) days ago and saw my high school coach (Doug Bibby). He’s one of the best: his delivery, how he encourages players, the confidence he gives them, his attention to detail in timeouts. I’m taking my notes on a lot of different stuff.”

source: realgm

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