Randy Orton needs to start dressing like a Wyatt   

Randy Orton used the old adage “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ’em” a number of weeks ago after nailing Kane with an RKO outta nowhere.

That statement led to rampant speculation that Orton was going to join the Wyatt Family. That much seemed obvious, but did he actually intend to join or was it just the beginning of playing a mind game on one of the Kings of mind games?

Orton appeared to be embracing his membership in the Family and thus began the age of the most dangerous version of the Wyatts to date. It was first believed that this would be a very short-lived partnership, possibly not even making it more than a few weeks past Survivor Series, at most.

Instead, it looks like WWE is having Orton and Bray Wyatt form an actual bond as family members and they are the current reigning SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions.

There are still some outlying issues with the last remaining original member of the Family, as Luke Harper does not seem to believe that Orton is truly with them. He fears that Orton may be fooling Wyatt, which could not only destroy the group but also push him out of the picture entirely, as Bray now has a new favourite.

Randy’s refusal to dress like his brothers is a possible warning sign that Harper may be picking up on, although the Wyatts were burned in the past by a new member who dressed like them.

When Daniel Bryan infiltrated the Wyatt Family for a few weeks he donned the full body suit that Erick Rowan sported. It turned out that he was only dressing the part to try to gain trust, however, and not as a sign of solidarity.

Randy Orton appears to have gained trust without making an appearance change, and now it’s time to fully integrate him into the Family. From the very first time Orton entered the arena with the Family, critics complained that he was still wearing his regular trunks and boots look.

The rest of the family has always been dressed from head to toe, and although it wasn’t the same outfit, it was like their uniform. The outfit doesn’t have to be radical, it just has to be different from the same old attire he has worn for the last 14 years.

Give him long tights instead of the short trunks. Have him wear a sleeveless t-shirt like Bray does, and even if he only wears it to the ring and takes it off for the match. The hooded sweatshirt he wears to the ring works fine as it is.

Again, he doesn’t have to dress like Harper or Rowan or Strowman. He just needs a change, because it acknowledges the shift in his demeanour. Orton has been a dark character on and off for years, but now he is part of Bray Wyatt’s darkness, and a simple attire change can really hammer that point home.

source: sportskeeda

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