Rockets Looking For Depth In Trade Market

Daryl Morey is unsure if the Houston Rockets will make a trade ahead of the deadline.

“It’s hard to judge because it takes two. It’s hard to know,” Morey said. “I don’t know if it makes it more or less likely, but the kinds of things you do are different. We are more likely to shore up a spot in case we take an injury. Anything we would do is more likely for depth.”

The Rockets do have some draft pick assets, with their own first-round pick this season and second-rounders from the Trail Blazers and Nuggets. They just don’t seem to have much motivation for breaking up their rotation.

“In some ways being good as we think we are makes it harder to do trades,” Morey said. “We have a rotation that has played very well. It’s hard to add anything that would into create a weakness somewhere else. If you feel the defense needs to improve, you can try to add a defensive player, but that potentially would hurt the offense unless it’s a top, top-level player. Those usually aren’t available.”

source: realgm

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