Sam Presti: Some People In OKC Hold Themselves Differently Because Of Westbrook

In a lengthy profile on Russell Westbrook in The New York Times Magazine, Sam Presti is quoted explaining how the confidence of his franchise player has impacted the area at large.

Westbrook was already beloved in Oklahoma City but his decision to sign an extension with the franchise shortly after Kevin Durant left to sign with the Warriors elevated him further.

“There are people in Oklahoma City who hold themselves differently because of Russell Westbrook,” Presti said. “I mean that literally. They stand up straighter. People, not necessarily athletes, draw confidence from him and his disregard for the judgment or labeling from others. I’m confident that there are a lot of people in this city that go into job interviews saying to themselves: ‘Come on, you’ve got this — be Westbrook, think Westbrook.’ And that might actually help them get the job, and if they don’t, they walk out feeling sorry for the person that missed the opportunity to hire them.”

source: realgm

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