Shannon Sharpe: The team that makes the most sense for Colin Kaepernick is one nobody talks about

Tony Romo’s retirement means that there’s one fewer veteran quarterback on the market for teams looking to upgrade at the position – but what does that mean for former 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick?

Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Cris Carter broke down potential destinations for Kaepernick following Romo’s decision on Wednesday’s episode of “Undisputed,” and Sharpe revealed a potential role with a team many have overlooked. 

Kaepernick wouldn’t be of any value to Houston

“For me, Tony Romo does not affect Colin Kaepernick. Tony Romo [was] probably going to go to one of two places.

“If someone was going to trade for him, it was going to be Houston. The owner in Dallas did not want him going to Houston. Tony Romo? That was his preferred destination.

“Why would Houston want Colin Kaepernick? What does he provide to that roster?”

Skip: “They have acknowledged they have some interest, but I think that might just be talk.”

Cris Carter: “That’s all that’s going to be, because they already have a project in [Tom] Savage, and last year they went through the yo-yo thing with [Brock] Osweiler.

“They brought Osweiler in, he’s the face of the franchise, give him the big money, give him the responsibility … then they end up having to bench him.”


Colin Kaepernick isn’t going to reinvent himself, teams know how good he can be already

“I believe that Savage is a better prospect than Colin Kaepernick. Absolutely.

“The reason why is we’ve seen Kaep. Keep’s not going to improve, this is what you’re [going to get]. This is it.

“What, do you think he’s going to wake up in the morning and develop a touch? That’s not something that can be taught throwing the football. You cannot teach a quarterback anticipation, and you can’t teach him touch.

“You can get their arm stronger, you can get them a little more accurate. You can put them in an offense to be able to protect them like he was in with Harbaugh, but it’s not going to happen. So [Tony Romo’s retirement] didn’t open the door in Houston.”


The Broncos already have two projects at the QB position

“Let’s go back to Denver. Denver did have some interest, but Denver’s got two projects.

“Last year when they were interested in him they only had one project. Now they have two — one they have invested a draft pick in in [Paxton] Lynch, and the other one, [Trevor] Siemian, who I believe is a better quarterback. So why would you bring a third person into the mix [when] you really only need a backup, and you hurt your draft pick because you retard his development by having a third guy there who would be the starter?

“It’s not like you’re bringing in some journeyman, some guy who’s going to be the third guy, or you’re bringing in a really, really young guy who is a big project.

“So [Romo’s decision] doesn’t help his potential landing with a team.”


It is a brutal market for some veteran free agents

“I totally agree because I didn’t believe for one second that the Romo domino needed to fall for Kaepernick to find a home. Because I believe the teams that were interested in Romo weren’t going to be necessarily interested in Colin Kaepernick.

“But we also have to understand [that] this is a very tough market.

“Adrian Peterson, the greatest running back of his generation, hasn’t signed.

“Jay Cutler, he’s been a starter basically his entire career. He hasn’t signed. A lot of veteran players are taking one-year deals. We’ve seen more one-year deals with veteran players in free agency than we have at any other time.”


There are very few destinations for Kaepernick left if he wants to be a starter
“When you look at it, reports say he wants to compete for a starting job. Where?

“The Jets? Do the Jets bring him? They just gave [Josh] McCown $6 million to be a backup. Now Kaep’s not going to come in for free, so you’re going to have to give him a million, million-five, something to come in.

“The Bears? They just gave Glennon — it looks like it’s a one-year deal for about $13 to $15 million, they can get out of it next year. But if you’re paying a guy that much, are you really going to bring him in and have Kaep beat him out and have a $13 million backup?

“The Houston Texans? I don’t think this is a good fit. Now, I think Jay Cutler would be a  better fit, because [he’s] the type of quarterback coach O’Brien can work with.”


The best spot for Kaepernick is in Kansas City

“But let me throw something out there that you’ll be like ‘hmmm, this makes sense.’

“I like the Kansas City Chiefs. I like Andy Reid, because he is very similar to [Donovan McNabb]. He can throw the ball like Donovan can, but he has better legs than Donovan. And Andy is not going to let you take high risk with the football, a la checkdown Alex Smith.

“Now Alex Smith is about to be 33, he has some concussion problems – because remember, in San Francisco, that’s how Kaep got the job.”


Denver would have made sense for Kaepernick in the past, but he’s no longer a fit
“So, all things being equal, I like Denver if Gary Kubiak was the head coach — and that’s why they wanted him after they won the Super Bowl. Because they’re a play-action type of football team, they can run the boots, Colin Kaepernick would be great.

“Now with Mike McCoy as the coordinator, this doesn’t make nearly as much sense. And if you bring him in and you give him something, you believe he’s going to beat out Trevor Siemian. Because you’re not going to cut Paxton Lynch.

“The spot that makes the most sense for me when I look at it, going from top to bottom, is the Kansas City Chiefs.”


The reality is Colin Kaepernick might not find a job

“What’s enlightening to me is that all these teams, they had a chance to jump on Colin Kaepernick a ways back. He was out there, and the Jets didn’t jump, and Denver didn’t jump and Houston hasn’t jumped.

“The Browns, do you think Hue Jackson would like to have him? Are they going to draft Deshaun [Watson]? DeShone Kizer? I don’t know who they’re going to come up with, but whoever that is, maybe they want to force-feed them into the starting lineup next year.

My point is the handwriting on the locker room wall to me says I’m not sure Colin Kaepernick’s going to get a job. I’m not sure about it. I’m not sure where the fit is, unless you’re right that he’d be a backup in Kansas City.”

source: foxsports

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