Skip Bayless explains why the Cowboys want the Giants over the Packers

The Dallas Cowboys will be at home this weekend, resting up for the divisional round and keeping a close eye on Sunday’s wild card matchup between the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers.

If you ask Ezekiel Elliott & Co., they’d probably tell you they have no rooting interests in that game. Diehard Cowboys fan Skip Bayless, on the other hand, is free to let the world know which team the Cowboys should prefer to face in the next round. And even though the New York Giants bested Dallas twice this season, Bayless said on Friday’s episode of FS1’s Undisputed that he wants Eli Manning.

SKIP: My emotions are badly mixed on this, so I’m a little messed up, psychologically, on this game and who I want for my Dallas Cowboys.

But I badly want the New York football Giants, for a number of reasons. No. 1, I just don’t like them. I’ll just tell you, from years and years as a Cowboy fan, I just don’t like them. I especially don’t like these Giants because they’re quarterbacked by Eli Manning …

SHANNON: What did Eli ever do to you? Besides beat your Cowboys consistently?

SKIP: He beat Tom Brady twice. So think about what he’s done. He robbed Tom Brady twice. He lucked up. He lucked up and beat him twice. Stole it from him. Stole it right out from under his nose in the first Super Bowl. And this year, think about what he’s done to me psychologically. He’s beaten my Cowboys twice, I don’t know how he’s done it, by one point and three points.

The point is, I want the Giants, because I’m convinced my Cowboys can beat the Giants, that the third time would be the charm. And I will be the first to admit to you, I do fear Aaron Rodgers. As hard as I’ve been on him on this show, in this kind of game, at this point in the season, if in fact he does to the Giants what I think he’s going to do? If it’s 28-17, he throws four touchdown passes … look, is he capable?

This is the worst-case scenario. Is Aaron Rodgers capable of going to JerryWorld … and destroying the Cowboys? Just lighting them up? Because their defense is pretty good, it’s gotten better and better, but is it torchable? Sure it is. It’s torchable. Could he throw a party at JerryWorld? Could it be 42-14? Aaron Rodgers, does he have that kind of nuclear capability? You better believe he does. I get that.

But the Giants don’t.

Of course, as the NFC’s No. 1 seed, the Cowboys will face the lowest-remaining seed in the next round of the playoffs. While that likely means the Giants or Packers, Dallas could face the Lions should Detroit manage to knock off the Seahawks in Seattle.

… so the Giants or Packers it is, then!

source: foxsports

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