Stanley Johnson Taking Stan Van Gundy’s ‘Tough Love To Heart’

Stanley Johnson fell out of the Detroit Pistons’ rotation earlier in the season and was even sent to the D-League to sharpen his game.

Johnson has seemingly reclaimed his spot and won the favor of Stan Van Gundy again.

“You just see where you’re at,” Johnson said. “It makes me hungry not being able to play, but I think the time I wasn’t playing I just tried to do what I can do to get better.

“All the tough love he’s given me, I kind of take it to heart and give it everyday.”

Johnson has been plagued by indecisiveness and inefficiency. 

“The stuff (Stan’s) been telling me — I think going down to the D-League was really good offensively for me, just so I can get a flow back and step into shots,” Johnson said. “Regardless of whether I’m playing against pre-school players or NBA players, if you step into a wide-open 3 in a game you make it. That’s everywhere. It’s gaining more trust from him is the next on my agenda.”

source: realgm

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