Steve Smith fires back at Jalen Ramsey over ‘respect’ comments

You didn’t really think that Jalen Ramsey would be able to get away with bad-mouthing Steve Smith without so much as a response, did you? If so, then you don’t know Smith at all.

The Baltimore Ravens veteran wide receiver responded to Ramsey saying he has no respect for Smith by tweeting a link to an article containing Ramsey’s comments along with his feelings.

“I don’t need your respect” was the main takeaway from Smith there.

Smith then hit Ramsey with a Hall of Fame zinger.

“In 5 to 10 u will be retiring and they will be taking my measurements for something you will NEVER BE. #HOFer.

“I got cleats with stronger thread then you!!!” Smith said over Twitter.

Yeah, Smith is not the guy you want to be calling out unless you’re prepared for a real 12-round fight. He’s never been one to back down from any slight or sign of disrespect.

By the way, Smith had eight catches for 87 yards while his Ravens beat Ramsey’s Jaguars 19-17.

source: yardbarker

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