5 Things To Do To Write Your Name in The NBA

Most of the young basketball players wish to see their name written in the NBA/WNBA, but, only a few of them become successful. If you also want to become another successful basketball player, keep your eyes on Sport1on1 to get some of the most valuable tips to improve your basketball skills. As a part of […]

Utah Jazz Climb To No. 4 In Net Rating

The Golden State Warriors continue to rank first in Net Rating at +11.9 points per 100 possessions, while the Utah Jazz have climbed to fourth at +4.6. Week 18 Rankings 1. Warriors: 11.9 2. Spurs: 8.6 3. Rockets: 6.9 4. Jazz: 4.6 5. Cavaliers: 4.4 6. Raptors: 4.1 7. Clippers: 3.1 8. Wizards: 2.4 9. Celtics: 2.3 […]

James Harden: Durant, Westbrook ‘Have To Figure It Out Themselves

Four years before Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder via free agency, James Harden was traded by the team to the Houston Rockets. Harden has remained close with both Durant and Russell Westbrook, who have had a famously icy rivalry in the months since Durant signed with the Warriors. “They’re two grown men,” Harden […]

NBA power rankings: Stop panicking about the Cleveland Cavaliers

Who said February in the NBA is a boring time of year? One week ahead of the All-Star break, there’s plenty of drama in Cleveland, New York, and especially Oklahoma City, where Kevin Durant makes his return as a member of the Warriors on Saturday. While that homecoming (of sorts) is the biggest story in […]

NBA PER: Isaiah Thomas Moves Up To No. 2

Isaiah Thomas has moved to No. 2 in the NBA in PER at 27.8 behind Russell Westbrook at 29.7. Week 15 Rankings 1. Russell Westbrook: 29.7 2. Isaiah Thomas: 27.8 3. Anthony Davis: 27.7 4. Kawhi Leonard: 27.7 5. James Harden: 27.7 6. Chris Paul: 27.6 7. Kevin Durant: 27.4 8. DeMarcus Cousins: 26.9 9. […]

NBA Net Rating: Grizzlies Enter Top-10

The Golden State Warriors continue to rank first in Net Rating at +12.7 points per 100 possessions, while the Memphis Grizzlies have entered the top-10 at +1.0. Week 15 Rankings 1. Warriors: 12.7 2. Spurs: 9.2 3. Rockets: 5.8 4. Cavaliers: 5.3 5. Raptors: 4.7 6. Jazz: 4.5 7. Clippers: 3.7 8. Celtics: 2.8 9. Wizards: 2.4 […]

Russell Westbrook Headlines 2017 All-Star Reserves

The NBA has announced the 2017 All-Star Game reserves as voted upon by the league’s coaches. Western Conference Russell Westbrook Klay Thompson Draymond Green DeMarcus Cousins Marc Gasol DeAndre Jordan Gordon Hayward Eastern Conference: Isaiah Thomas John Wall Kevin Love Kyle Lowry Paul George Kemba Walker Paul Millsap – DeAndre Jordan, Gordon Hayward and Kemba […]

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