Team USA roasts Kevin Durant for wearing gold medal to Redskins game

Kevin Durant can’t rock his gold medal in peace.

The Golden State Warriors forward captured Olympic gold in Rio last month for the second time as a member of Team USA. Understandably proud of the feat, he wore his hardware to the Washington Redskins’ game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday.

As it turns out, Durant was subjected to some good old-fashioned mocking (through modern means) at the hands of his USA Basketball teammates.

“KD had his on at the Monday Night Football game last night, and we still have our group chat,” teammate Draymond Green said on “Conan” Tuesday. “And we all talked about him like ‘Dude, give it a break. Go put it up somewhere. Like what are you doing? Everybody knows you won it KD, give it a break.'”

In the former MVP’s defense, he was one of the Olympic athletes from the Washington area whom the Redskins were honoring that evening.

source: thescore

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