Top 5 Things To Do in Augusta While at the Masters

If Augusta National ruled the world, every week would be Masters week. The Masters is a tradition unlike any other. From the green jacket to the massive oak tree that stands behind the clubhouse, Augusta National is the hallowed ground of golf, a southern cathedral steeped in more pomp and circumstance than the Changing of the Guard. Whether it’s your first trip to Augusta or your 50th, tee up some fun at the Masters 2017 with the following activities.

Watch the Action from Amen Corner
It’s the most iconic stretch of real estate at Augusta National, a trio of holes that can make or break a golfer’s dreams of glory. Amen Corner begins with No. 11 and ends with the tee shot on No. 13. Sports Illustrated writer Herbert Warren Wind coined the term Amen Corner in 1958, when Arnold Palmer’s final round eagle on No. 13 inspired him to come up with a catchy name for the stretch of holes. It’s been a part of tournament lore ever since.

Play Golf
If you’re visiting the golf capital of the U.S. as part of a Masters golf package there’s no excuse not to tee up. And if you can’t tee up with the pros, well, you can at least play where Ben Crenshaw and many others played during Masters Week. Located in historic Aiken, South Carolina, the Palmetto Golf Club is a 20-minute drive from Augusta. It’s one of the oldest courses in the U.S., a relic of pure craftsmanship where the holes fit the land beautifully. The 6,000-yard, par 71 course opens its doors to the public during Masters week.

Enjoy a Pimento Sandwich Unlike Any Other
Between the Magnolia trees, pink and purple azaleas, and manicured fairways, Augusta National resembles an English garden. And the 380 volunteer gallery guards who walk the grounds make you wonder if the Queen isn’t hosting tea in the clubhouse. But for all its regal splendor, Augusta National is famous for its cheap concessions. Beer costs $3, and Augusta’s famous pimento cheese sandwich sets you back $1.50.

Visit the Surrey Tavern
There are swanky parties during Masters week, from the Irish Tourism Bureau’s party to the Champions Dinner, the week’s most exclusive affair. You can take solace in the fact you won’t be on any guest list by heading to the Surrey Tavern. This watering hole (let’s call it the 19th hole) has been an Augusta favorite for years. The entranceway is lined with classic golf photos, live entertainment is par for the course, and the tavern features a world class selection of scotch and bourbon. You might even catch a glimpse of one of the pros.

Hit the Merchandise Tent
Pullovers, swim trunks, Magnolia Lane-scented candles -the merch tent has it all. It’s the Fifth Avenue of clubhouse shopping. And don’t panic. It’s not a bogey if you go overboard grabbing up Masters gear. There’s a shipping station near the exit, so you can unload your goods and start shopping again… or at least until your credit card company yells “Fore!”