Trevor Ariza Waits To Confront Salah Mejri Outside Mavs’ Locker Room

Trevor Ariza waited outside the Dallas Mavericks’ locker room for Salah Mejri after the Houston Rockets’ 123-107 win.

According to a source, Mejri made a derogatory comment to Ariza about Ariza’s wife and children between the third and fourth quarters.

Ariza became so upset that he exchanged words with Mejri, which prompted the referees to give Ariza a technical, his second of the game, leading to an ejection.

Ariza was accompanied by two security guards as he walked toward the Dallas locker room. Patrick Beverley, James Harden and Eric Gordon accompanied Ariza to wait for Mejri. Dallas police officers already outside the locker room as part of their regular detail monitored the situation to make sure it did not escalate.

Deron Williams came out of the locker room to try to calm Ariza down.

Mejri denied saying anything about Ariza’s family.

“He was swearing and bulls—,” Mejri said. “Ask him. He’s out there. Ask him.”

source: realgm

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