WWE legend Goldberg talks potential comeback, rips a Brock Lesnar shirt


Hype has been building for a potential Goldberg comeback for months, and 2K has been stealthily hinting at a Goldberg-Brock Lesnar showdown. Both wrestlers have been very active in promoting the game – Lesnar’s on the cover, while Goldberg is a pre-order bonus – and fans inside the Barclays Center even chanted Goldberg’s name at the end of SummerSlam, hoping the former World Heavyweight Champion would make an entrance after Randy Orton had been busted open. 

Goldberg is now 49 years old, but he still looks to be in tremendous shape. He could definitely hit a few spears and jackhammers without much trouble. Fanatics View caught up with Goldberg in the gym, and though he joked about his age, didn’t rule out an eventual return.

“Dude, look at me. I’m 49 years old. Leave it to the young guys to to their thing, but I’m … in here trying to continually stay in shape, and you never say never. It’s getting close to that clock kind of stopping on me. But, you know, never say never.”

Interviewer Jonny Gayle then suggested Brock Lesnar as an opponent, and Goldberg responded by blowing his nose on a Lesnar shirt and ripping it in half. 

source: foxsports

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