WWE News: Bayley not expected to win Women’s title at Royal Rumble  

After winning the #1 contenders match on Raw this past week, Bayley has her eyes set on winning the Raw Women’s title at Royal Rumble. However, if the report from Wrestlinginc is to be believed, fans will have to wait some more time, before they see the former NXT star winning her first gold in the Main Roster.

According to the report, the current plans are for Charlotte to retain her Championship at the upcoming PPV. Bayley is expected to get her hands on the Women’s title eventually but it’s not expected to happen during her first title shot. The current plans call for her to win the belt at WrestleMania 33.

After having a confrontation with Stephanie McMahon this past Monday Night on Raw, Bayley was put in a Number One Contender’s match against Nia Jax. Thanks to the interference from Sasha Banks, she managed to win her match against Nia and is now scheduled to face Charlotte for the Women’s title at Royal Rumble PPV.You can watch the complete backstage segment involving Bayley and Stephanie below:The heart of the matterRumour has it that Mr McMahon is high on Bayley. He sees the NXT veteran as the future of Raw Women’s Division. So it’s not very shocking that officials have strong plans for her going into the WrestleMania season.Regarding the angle with Stephanie McMahon as seen on Raw, it’s said to be a repeat of the Authority-Daniel Bryan angle from WrestleMania XXX which saw Bryan getting over with the crowd like few have.Officials expect the former NXT Women’s Champion to pick up the same momentum as Daniel did and become a huge crowd favourite, making her victory at Mania even more emphatic.What’s next?Given how over she was with the NXT audience, Bayley looks to be the perfect contender to carry the Women’s Division forward. Although due to the fact that she has not done much on the Main Roster since her debut, it only looks fitting to hold off her championship win till Mania, allowing the former Horsewomen to develop her character on the Main Roster a little more. SportsKeeda’s takeConsidering Bayley’s contribution in the NXT Women’s division, she looks to be the perfect replacement for Sasha Banks going into the WrestleMania season.

If WWE creative pulls this off correctly, they could have a very big star in the NXT veteran to take the Women’s division to the next level in 2017.

source: sportskeeda

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