WWE News: Bray Wyatt talks about teaming with Orton, possible recruits, the feud with John Cena and more

To promote the latest edition of SmackDown Live from Washington DC, WTOP FM’s Chris Cichon interviewed one-half of the current Smackdown Tag Team Champions, Bray Wyatt. 

When asked about The New Day, Wyatt congratulated the team on becoming the longest reigning Tag-team Champions of all time but also reiterated that The Family had annihilated them. 

Bray commented that The Wyatt Family have always been a dominant force on the main roster of WWE and now they will just carry those “big heavy metal” Smackdown Tag team Championships along with them.

With Orton in their corner, they now possess the ability to “rule the world”. Wyatt believes that there are a lot of similarities between him and the former World Champion Randy Orton, which is why the team has become one of the strongest alliances in WWE.  

Their dominating performance at Survivor Series and the Championship victories are just the steps towards that ultimate goal of the Wyatt Family. 

Bray revealed that there are several Superstars on the current roster, who he believes, can be potential recruits of the Wyatt Family. “What could be better than just having a giant on the leash?”, added Wyatt, to express his desire of having the Big Show by his side.

As the World’s Largest athlete now has a “beautiful beard”, he might be the most appropriate member to join the Wyatts.

Wyatt also discussed his rivalry with the 15-time World Champion John Cena. He has been dissatisfied with the way he had performed and can’t digest how Cena emerged the victor in their feud. Bray accepted that defeating Cena is an achievement anyone can boast about and it makes the wrestler, “the one everyone is looking out for.”

Although “everyone is already” awed by the Eater of Worlds, he said, “I’ll run into John again”. 

Bray was also asked about possibly teaming up with his real-life brother, the renowned WWE Superstar, Bo Dallas. As none can predict the future, Wyatt is uncertain about teaming up with him, but if he is provided with such an opportunity, he said, “it would be an honour to stand side by side with him like we used to”. 

During this interview, Wyatt said that he has been thrilled with the acceptance of the Wyatt Family and, “it is a real tribute to what we put into this, and who we are as individuals.” He expressed his gratitude towards the fans for their continuous support, which he believes, is a crucial factor behind the success of the stable.

source: sportskeeda

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