WWE News: Finn Balor on possible Royal Rumble debut

Finn Bálor took to Twitter earlier today to tease fans about a possible appearance in the Royal Rumble Match.

The initial message was of Bálor tweeting the words “thanks Doctor ????” When asked about the odds of his appearance at the Rumble this Sunday, he replied to a fan with the numbers “30-1.”

As of now, the tweets are no longer available.

In case you didn’t know…

Bálor was injured at SummerSlam in his match against Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship.

He suffered the injury early in the match when Rollins used a powerbomb to throw Bálor into the barricade. He would finish the match but would vacate the title the next night on Monday Night Raw

Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Bálor was supposed to be the champion for at least the first two Raw PPVs with his first opponent being the current Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

Bálor would send a tweet out a week after SummerSlam detailing all the injuries he received such as a labrum tear, cartilage damage, among others. The tweet was as follows:

It was originally believed that Bálor’s injury would fully heal within four months; just in time for him to make his Royal Rumble debut. However, upon further examination and the revelation of other injuries, his return after for recovery had been extended to six months at best.

The heart of the matter:

This would likely be perceived as nothing more than Bálor teasing the audience if the tweets were still available. However, the fact that they were taken down could indicate a possible return to the WWE and his debut in the Royal Rumble Match.

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What’s next:

Tonight marks the final Monday Night Raw before the Royal Rumble this Sunday, but the WWE would probably wait for the Royal Rumble Match for Bálor to make a return to the ring.

All the fans can do now is wait until Sunday to possibly see the return of The Demon King.

Sportskeeda’s take:

Bálor’s return was said to not be likely until around February, long after the Royal Rumble, so the odds of him appearing are slim to none.

However, anything can happen in the WWE and we’ve seen some miraculous recoveries in record timing such as John Cena’s return from a torn pectoral muscle in 2008 and Triple H’s recovery from his quad tear and return to the ring in 2002.

source: sportskeeda

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