WWE News: Finn Balor teases Royal Rumble return

What’s the Story?

Finn Balor is a master at teasing the WWE Universe regarding his return and he is at it again. Finn Balor recently released an Instagram picture hinting an appearance in the upcoming Royal Rumble match. His latest teaser has created a huge buzz among the WWE Universe as Finn is expected to return from his injury before WrestleMania.

WrestlingInc reports that Finn released the picture give below via his Instagram account. The caption for the picture teases a potential return at the Royal Rumble at #30, which is a spot usually reserved for potential winners and surprise returns. This has created a huge buzz in the pro wrestling circle.

In case you didn’t know….

Finn Balor suffered a shoulder injury during his match at SummerSlam against Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship. Despite becoming the first WWE Universal Champion, he had to relinquish his title the following night on Raw due to his shoulder injury.

Balor is expected to return from his injury sometime before WrestleMania 33 and has been making appearances on several fronts for WWE in a non-wrestling capacity over the course of the last month. While being asked in an interview on whether he would return at the Rumble, Balor had earlier mentioned that it is highly unlikely for him to do so considering the status of his recovery. 

The heart of the matter….

Royal Rumble is an event that is known for its surprise returns and memorable debuts. Despite the rumor that WWE is not keen on delivering many swerves this year, there is a remote chance that WWE would want Finn Balor’s comeback to be as momentous as possible. This, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if Finn Balor returns at Royal Rumble.

What next?

Though the possibility of him coming back to the ring at Royal Rumble is highly unlikely given the state of his rehabilitation, one must take note that Balor was scheduled to return at Royal Rumble before he underwent surgery. During the surgery, the doctors found more broken bones and hence, his return date was postponed to sometime before Rumble.

If Finn Balor indeed returns at Royal Rumble, then he is undoubtedly a favorite to win the 30-man match itself. WWE has shown tremendous faith in Finn Balor when he debuted on the main roster earlier. Balor would have surely been the WWE Universal Champion now, If not for his untimely injury.

We would advise you to tread with caution when it comes to Finn Balor. The man is a master of deception. He can get your hopes high and burning, and leave hanging out the window just for the fun of it. If one remembers correctly, Finn did the exact same thing before his debut on Monday Night Raw.

On a side note, you might be well off knowing that Cagesideseats had a running column for months named “FinnWatch” to track his debut on the main roster. The man manipulated social media like a puppet while teasing his debut. So, don’t get your hopes high and running because it might be yet another trick of Finn Balor, 

source: sportskeeda

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