WWE News: Jim Ross feels the WWE should sign Kenny Omega

In the latest blog on his website Jrsbarbq.com, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed why the WWE should sign New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Kenny Omega and what it would take for them to get him onboard.

After his historic match against Kazuchika Okada at the NJPW event Wrestle Kingdom 11 last week, Omega announced that he will be stepping away from Japan to reassess his future and he was weighing all options. While there have been plenty of rumours around where ‘The Cleaner’ is heading next, his most probable destination seems to be the WWE.

The fact that John Cena shared Kenny Omega’s picture on his Instagram page further strengthens the possibility of the NJPW star coming to the WWE as he had done the same last year before AJ Styles made his debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble.

The heart of the matter

According to Jim Ross, Cena teased a possible Royal Rumble appearance for Omega with his Instagram post and it has got everyone buzzing. Ross opined that it would come as a surprise to him if the WWE were not in a hurry to sign the NJPW superstar and claimed that he would have done so if he was in his former administrative role in the company.Here’s what ‘Good Ol’ JR’ wrote in his blog:

“Enjoyed John Cena Instagram tease regarding Kenny Omega at this year’s Royal Rumble event in San Antonio on Sunday January 29. It has certainly got folks talking and now speculation is rampant. My take on this matter is pretty simple:I’d be surprised if Kenny Omega wasn’t a high priority for WWE to connect with and sign. Omega is under contract to NJPW until January 31, two days after the Rumble. Omega would be at the top of my ‘need to sign list’ if I were still in my old role in administration.”

The legendary WWE commentator was of the view that just a big money contract would not be enough to rope Kenny Omega in and that it will also depend on the kind of creative plans that the WWE have for him. Ross stressed on the need to talk about creative matters during contractual discussions.

He stated:“Omega likely isn’t going to be swayed by merely a fat, contract but also what are the creative plans the WWE has for him. This is a huge bonus for the talent if one can include this matter in the contractual conversations. Why wouldn’t it be addressed?

”What next?

Since Omega’s NJPW contract expires on 31 January 2017, it is highly unlikely that he may make an appearance at the Royal Rumble on 29 January. However, a future association between him and the WWE may actually not be a rumour at all.

Considering the fact that the WWE was the next step for a number of former New Japan Pro Wrestling superstars, it looks like a logical decision for Kenny Omega to join the WWE bandwagon. A lot will depend, though, on whether ‘The Cleaner’ is open to working their hectic schedule.

source: sportskeeda

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