WWE News: Kenny Bolin on why John Cena may leave the WWE, his rapid progress in the company and more

The latest edition of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast featured former Ohio Valley Wrestling manager, Kenny Bolin. During the conversation, he spoke extensively about John Cena, who was one of his clients at OVW, while claiming that the superstar may quit the WWE soon.

According to Bolin, Cena is still the biggest brand in the WWE despite the company’s efforts to put this tag on the shoulders of some of the other superstars. He opined that even though the 15-time world champion insists on staying in the wrestling business, he is certainly on the lookout for an alternative career.

Here’s what the 56-year old had to say:

“He is basically still the biggest draw in the company even though they are trying to put that saddle on somebody else. I think Cena even though he said he would never leave wrestling, Cena wants to do other things now. It looks like Cena is tired of taking bumps every f**king night.”

Talking about John Cena’s early rise to stardom in the WWE soon after leaving OVW, Kenny Bolin credited The Undertaker’s appreciation of him after his first match as a much-needed shot in the arm for ‘The Cenation Leader’.

In his view, Cena’s progression was far more organised compared to what happens these days when people just step out of NXT and are crowned champions soon after, citing the example of Paige’s Diva’s championship win on her main roster debut. The ‘Star Maker’ said:

“They really gave him the “pat on the back” when they had him do the bit with the Undertaker and then Taker goes into the back and says “hey, good match”. Which Taker didn’t do that for f*cking anybody. But Taker is the one that really put Cena over on a show they had on Smackdown.

He (Cena) then eventually teamed up with (Bull) Buchanan and dropped down a little bit but finally they figured out that he was going to be a major star there and he was just making the proper steps that now these days they will just f**king bring someone out of NXT and put the f**king World Title on him two weeks later. Didn’t they do that with a girl and have one of the girl wrestlers come up and give them the title after the first week or two that she was there? I think it was Paige that did it on her first show.”

Kenny Bolin was also highly critical of the Total Divas show and did not appreciate the appearance of the superstars’ boyfriends on it. However, he believes that the concept of boyfriends wandering about is integral to the reality TV show only and does not happen backstage at WWE events as Vince McMahon would never allow it.

Bolin stated, “If I want to see a f**king train wreck I will tune in and watch it because it is ridiculous the sh*t they try to make people believe is real. All these boyfriends wandering around in the back and having ‘say’.”

“That s**t does not happen and that is strictly for Divas television. Anybody who has ever been backstage at a WWE event for a taping (house shows are a little more relaxed) but if it is a TV taping and if Vince is there, these d**kless wonders are not going to be wandering around backstage,” he added.

source: sportskeeda

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